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already i’m off the rails.

for the second post in a row,

i’ve included a photo of a family pet.

and now this one i’ve got a few snaps of my friend’s kids.

i know.

it’s patethic.

pets and kids?

and of course,

all the food i’ve eaten in between.

that’s trixie by the way.

she won’t bite.

california road trip.

bottom to top and back again.

listened to lots and lots of songs about california throughout…

here’s a list.

top 5 songs about california.

1.  going to california – irene krall

2.  california dreaming – mamas and papas

3.  san diego – shawn lee

4.  listen to the music – doobie bros.

5.  two tickets to paradise – eddie money

and anything from the catalogue of dj quik…


double double.

strawberry milkshake.




not my favorite place.

here’s another list.

5 places i actually like less than los angeles.

actually the list is short.

only one place is on it.

it begins with an S.

it ends with an O.

please don’t ask.

peoples feelings will be hurt.

my homie in venice.

FinnCrisp aka giganticjesus aka blondeandblue4ever

and LukaBrazzi aka sleepswiththefishes.

bytheway, that is not me holding the baby.

he may look like me.

but he is a different person.

luka and finn’s mother has issues.

she thought this was cute.

i thought it was a bit creepy.

gigantor jesus


all muscle.

there is always work to be done.

networking and the such.


let’s just say the meeting was short.

melBell is eating her 3rd inNout doubledouble burger in 2 days.

that’s 3 patties of beef per day.

i try to tell her to slow down but

she gets this LindaBlair expression on her face that scares the shit out of me.

so now i say nothing.

now that’s a fine looking city.

fine looking man.

fine looking city.

what’s not to like?


it may sound cheesy but Jets flying all around in sychronization is so awesome.


then it got boring.

so Bell started eating the Jets.

the word your looking for is…


we spent about an hour coming up with one-liners for mickey aka kickstand to use for his next punching incident.

here’s a list.

canepari’s 5 best oneliners for mickey’s tattoo…

1.  “can you read the words on my knuckles??” punch.

2.   “read the fineprint”  punch.

3.  “check out my new tattoo?”  punch.

4.  “how’d you like to be on a game show?”  punch with the deal hand only

and the obvious one…

5.  “you have 2 choices…”

done deal.



Written by canepari

October 13, 2008 at 4:34 pm

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