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and what’s so great about your blog??

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so its official

this blog sucks

and you suck for reading it

and i suck for cutting a pumpkin alone at night outside my RV

and we both suck for not cutting pumpkins together on a porch while drinking sea breezes

still i blame you

its just easier that way




i need a job


Written by canepari

October 24, 2009 at 4:16 am

once upon a time there was a strawberry…

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…and that strawberry burned red like no other strawberry before it…


…and everyone loved the strawberry for it was warm and tasted like gold and pizza and red vines…


…and sometimes the strawberry loved everyone back

and when it did the room would grow still and very quiet…


…and even though it was by no stretch perfect,

the strawberry was embraced unconditional…


…but alas…

something was amiss.

a disquiet energy force with wingspan and a silvertongue emerged from wood.

the strawberry grew overwhelmed.

and as a result,

people around the strawberry grew overwhelmed.

an ackwardness covered everything in shadow.


…and the strawberry pushed…


…and then the strawberry pulled…


…and then we all pushed back…


…and things spiralled and equilibriums were lost.

and soft thoughts and smiles spilled over the side of the boat.

and a blackhole formed and although no one could see it,

everyone knew it was there…


at the unbearable and tragic end

i asked the strawberry,


but the strawberry couldn’t look me in the eyes

and the strawberry didn’t answer

and i had no choice but to walk away


the last time i saw the strawberry,

it was blurry.

i only could make out its tears and neverevers and goodbyes…


even now i see the strawberry everywhere.

i can close my eyes and the strawberry is there automatically dangling in the rearview.

last night i had a dream the strawberry and i were playing shuffleboard.

and before that,

i swear i saw the strawberry at the farmer’s market.

but really,

i haven’t seen the strawberry since that night.

i know the real strawberry is out there somewhere and hopefully one day,

it’ll accept my offer of tea and sugar cookies.

lord knows,

all strawberries love sugar cookies.


even now,

people ask,”why?”

and i always respond the same…

“why not not.”

timing is everything, no??


Written by canepari

October 13, 2009 at 8:19 pm

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loose as a goose.

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no matter what anyone says,

a seabreeze is not a chick drink.


that’s why they’re called ‘funny’ sunglasses.

go away.

Written by canepari

October 3, 2009 at 1:39 pm