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For no good reason,

here are a few irrelevent facts about Fela Kuti.

Numero Uno.

In ’69 he lived in Los Angeles for a year.

While there, a female Black Panther named Sandra Smith taught him about Black Power.


Afterwards, he adopted the middle name Anikulapo which means “he who carries death in his pouch.”

He more or less thought himself to be invincible.


When he returned from America, the first thing he did was buy a compound/music venue that he named the Kalakuta Republic.

Then he declared his independence from Nigeria


During one of hundreds of government raids at his compound, Fela’s mom was thrown out of a second story window and died.

“Coffin for Head of State” is a song about this event.


In 1978, Fela married all 27 of his backup singers and dancers.

He would later develop a rotating system in which only 12 of his wives would be around at a time.


Fela ran for President of Nigeria numerous times.

His name was never officially put on the ballot although rumor is voters would handwrite it in.


Fela would buy Ad space in the Nigerian State-run newspapers and run full-page blasts of the Nigerian government.

The name of the Column was Chief Speak Say.


He died in ’97 of complications stemming from AIDS.

The numerous beatings he took from the Nigerian Authorities probably didn’t help.


hopefully that will distract you from these relatively boring photos.

lagos port authority.

dock workers come in all shapes and sizes.

sort of.

¬°coffin for head of state!


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March 18, 2011 at 12:54 pm

Twankle and Glisten.

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Lots on the schedule this night.

There’s the All-Ages Dance-Off at the Airline Roller Rink,

DJ Poppa’s Birthday at the Sports Vue,

Friday nights at Caesars’ on the West Bank,


Ladies Night at The Vibe.

(it’s always Ladies Night at the Vibe).

And Platinum 3000 is closing it’s doors so one final hooray there couldn’t hurt.

Busy Bee.

Yike Train!!


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March 8, 2011 at 4:44 am