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no one said it was going to be easy.

it started when the me(k)ong ate my hassy.

then g.o.d. snapped fergie’s bessa.

after that,

a Cambodian river slum pickpocketed my sekonic.

no one said it was going to be pretty.

paddy’s hassy snapped once and crackled once.

and for awhile,

my new xpan was stuck on stupid.

luckily both did recover,

but not before agitating my agita.

and then,

after SE Asia had practically chewed up and spit out my entire analog repertoire,

my 5D mark II,

130,000 snaps and 15 countries my ally,

exploded at my little brother’s 8th grade graduation

(congratulations snake!!).


shutter pop.

mirror pop.

camera pop.



i’ve developed a complex.

black hand of destruction.

the Kali of photo paraphernalia.

i blame cooper first.

then myself.


it’s just part of canepari’s myth.

you will know me by the trail of dead cameras i leave in my wake.

king (me)kong


Written by canepari

June 15, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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