.one too many.

…a place for waste…

turkey trot.

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what a mess.
i got scattered siblings.
scattered parents.
scattered friends.
they’re like sprinkles on a cupcake,
but the cupcake is actually the world.
currently my belongings live in 2 different storage units,
a mostly empty apartment i call ‘the tomb’,
and a houseboat with a month-to-month lease.
i have two p.o. boxes which i never check,
i half-own an RV in northern california that I haven’t seen in 2 years,
and my motorcycle is dying a slow death in india.
 the only universal is my old truck and my old hasselblad.
both of which are too old to remember the good times.
so the questions begs,
where am i?
good and terrible,
as they say.

Written by canepari

December 13, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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